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Arsenic Thrill

Myke on a Byke
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Kidsinthefront holds barrel down teeth gritting truth barred manifestations of unpopular demand. Dedicated to smashing the bureaucratic upheaval of institutionalized platforms, we place ourselves in the palms of floating citizens. We are not here to kill God, only to try him. Because we like to ask the question..."Who stands in judgment of the eternal judge?" And while it may seem egotistical and unrelenting to appoint ourselves to the stand, we have dubbed it necessary in accordance to actions taken against us. The bully has taken our lunch money for the last time. We will not let the prison of religion and ritual stand in the way of unfettered destiny. While it may be that our fate is unbeknownst to us, we will fight the soft focus of Heaven's eye until our souls are ripped from our ribcages and shown glowing to us as we pass out from spiritual drunkenness. Kidsinthefront is not an hallucination, only the existential bastard sons of Emerson would spit upon our pit. Nor are we murderers of tradition. We are nothing more than the gravediggers for the body of ignorance. If hallucinations be your fair game, let victims unnourished appoint you governor of the dead and festering. Tried, indeed true, Kidsinthefront will only give you a hand to help you up. From there, the truth is yours to find, and the road is yours to wander.