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heady water type [Mar. 19th, 2007|09:01 pm]
Myke on a Byke
all of these different parts of me have changed unexpectedly, sometimes for the better or worse. And then I have a bunch of questions afterwards, words that keep repeating themselves for no reason in my head (definition-less) and they flap around like wounded birds. I have seen more things now, liked a little less and given my heart without realizing it until after the fact. and I have stared down some scars and spit on them to clean them up. yet everything remains heavier and somehow void of a past I can appreciate. obviously unnerving but at times I mistake it for a cocoon that I created. perhaps in literary fashion I'll burst forth but not like the changed type, more the kinder and truly self aware type. I could only hope, of course. everything I know is always different every time I look at it, and I see particles for both places.

its like a power but cold as a trench.